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Project #1 - "Anybody Out There/Comfortably Numb"

Start date: 01 Sep 2006

Release date: 02 May 2007

The consensus agreed upon for our first project was to cover “Comfortably Numb”, originally written by Pink Floyd. Money suggested leading in with “Is There Anybody Out There.” Actual time spent on the project for recording and mixing was about two months of work, but we had to put things on hold for a while during the winter months due to holidays and such. Hey, life happens! Tempo is 63.5 BPM.

Final Product

Anybody Out There - Comfortably Numb MP3 (10MB)


User Roles
BranDo Voiceovers
CaptainThorns Project manager, mixing, mastering, backing vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar (end solo, part 1)
ETS Drums, voiceovers
Falconer Electric guitar (end solo, part 2)
LittleDan Electric guitar (end solo, part 3), voiceovers
Money Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar (break solo)
Skrapmetal Mixing, theramin, keys, baritone guitar, voiceovers

Pre-Master Mixdowns

Mixdown - Anybody Out There

Mixdown - Comfortably Numb

Instrumental mixdown (no lead vocals) - Comfortably Numb

Bouncing bollocks transition

Individual Tracks

Is There Anybody Out There

Money - acoustic guitar for Anybody Out There

Skrap - synth for Anybody Out There and "what the hell" voiceover

Money - main vocals for Anybody Out There

Money - voiceover (all that matters is...)

Money - voiceover 2 (All your base...)

Money - voiceover 3 (Uncool banning & crumple...)

LittleDan - voiceover (what the hell man)

Axolotl - voiceover (chockomut)

Beano - voiceover (off to the pub)

Caul - voiceover (Tabernak)

ETS - voiceover (poetry reading)

Jack - voiceover (fusion x3)

Jack - voiceover (destructive world)

Iddqd - voiceover (Aussie talk)

Coyote - voiceover (Jabberwocky excerpt)

BranDo - voiceover (Bart-Bart quote)

Comfortably Numb

ETS - Drums

CaptainThorns - bass

LittleDan - Acoustic rhythm

Skrapmetal - keys

Skrapmetal - synth

Skrapmetal - synth take 2

Skrapmetal - theramin

Skrapmetal - baritone guitar

Money - break solo

CT - end solo, part 1

Falconer - end solo, part 2

LittleDan - end solo, part 3

Money lead vocal

CT - backing vocals

BranDo - backing vocals

BranDo - acoustic guitar

Skrap - theramin intro redo

File Upload

Please e-mail all files to for upload to the web site.

Unauthorized duplication and selling of the original material are a violation of national copyright laws and regulations...which you should all know already, anyhow, so don't do it, mmmkay?

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