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Project #2 - "Money For Nothing/Sultans of Swing"

Start date: 06 Mar 2008

Release date: N/A (in progress)

After a lengthy hiatus due to work and family commitments, the Ubernauts reconvened via e-mail in March of 2008. The ensuing brainstorm session brought Dire Straits's "Money For Nothing" and "Sultans of Swing" to the top of the list as a medley of covers that would allow us to do more guitar improv for our sophomore project. Tempo for MFN is 134 BPM and the last two bars ramp up toward a tempo of 143 for SOS.

NOTE: please ensure that all MP3 files are encoded at 192kbps bit rate, 44.1kHz sample rate, 16-bit.


User Roles
BranDo Bass guitar, lead vocals
CaptainThorns Project manager, mixing, mastering, drums, lead and backing vocals
Falconer Lead electric guitar
LittleDan Lead and rhythm electric guitars, backing vocals
Money Acoustic guitar, lead and rhythm electric guitars, backing vocals
Skrapmetal Theremin, cowbell, keys, lead and rhythm electric guitars

Project Reference Files

Chord/lead sheets, sheet music

MFN/SOS lead sheet

MFN/SOS tempo/measure map

Money For Nothing chords/lead riffs

Money For Nothing full music/tab

Sultans of Swing chords/lead riffs

Sultans of Swing full music/tab

Click/demo tracks

Drums, bass, and scratch guitar/vocals with click track

Drums, bass, and scratch guitar/vocals without click track

Click (2 bars for free before start of MFN guitar)

Scratch MFN guitar

Scratch SOS guitar

Scratch vocal

Pre-master edits and mixes

Drums and bass with click track

Drums and bass without click track

Individual Tracks


Bass guitar

Intro vocal samples, dry

Old MFN keys mix with intro vocals

File Upload

Please e-mail all files to for upload to the web site.

Unauthorized duplication and selling of the original material are a violation of national copyright laws and regulations...which you should all know already, anyhow, so don't do it, mmmkay?

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